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Sub Name
Email Address
Daytime Phone Number
Cell #
With valid handicaps:
Steve Keylor
Bill Holly bilinda1027@earthlink.net (508) 435-2068  
Andrew Towell andrew.towell@verizon.net    
Dave Chandler davebchandler@verizon.net   (508) 561.1317
Tom Rose trose@unidesk.com    
Mike Manning manning_mike@emc.com (508) 382-7555  
Tony Fong fong_tony@emc.com    
Jamshed Dubash jhdubash@gmail.com    
Matthew Zega matthew.zega@hp.com    
Dave Treshinsky David.Treshinsky@hp.com    
Craig Arel craig.arel@hp.com    
Mike McCabe McCabe_Michael@emc.com    
Brian O'Sullivan brianos75@aol.com   508-450-3071
Paul Barba stephbar0609@yahoo.com    
Dan Petrosinelli dan.petrosinelli@regantech.com   (508) 416-1580
John Campbell rangerautomation@msn.com   508-878-4683
Without league handicaps:  
John Cardillo John.Cardillo@comcast.net (508) 497-9952  
Barbara Willworth bwillwerth@istspine.com   (508) 728-9222
Ivan Chang iychang@hotmail.com (617) 441-9656  
Barry Moore barry_moore@comcast.net    
Phil Restifo prestifo@verizon.net 508.497.0987 (home)
Tim Golding tgolding11@wooster.edu 508.528.9857  
Mike Auen mike.auen@comcast.net    


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