Rules of Quota Tournament

Your Quota:

is your league handicap subtracted from 18. That is, if you have a 12 handicap, your quota would be 6, if you are a 5, your quota would be 13. Please note that Quotas are never negative so if your handicap is 18 or over, your Quota will be zero.

On any hole you score a:
Points awarded
Double Eagle (or Albatross)
Never mind -- you win!


In Addition to the normal Quota points, we will be trying some additional 'bonus' points this year:

 Only applies to holes where you score par or better!
Points awarded
On any hole you no putt/one putt: one bonus point
Hit the green with your tee shot on any par 3: one bonus point

If you earn any of these 'bonus' points, please make sure you indicate them on your scorecard so you get credit.

The winner:

Whoever has the most points relative to their quota at the end of the round wins. Example, if you have a 12 handicap, your quota is 6. If you then shoot two pars and 3 bogeys, you would have 7 points. Now you subtract your quota to get your score -- in this case it would be 1.

Tie Breakers:

As a tie-breaker, we'll go through the holes comparing point scores on the hardest hole (by handicap), then next hardest, etc.